Swasth Bharat Diabetes Se Bachav
A health talk by dr jaideep dogra on probable heart disease treatment by simple antibiotic considering Chlamydia as the culprit organism
Azithromycin for C. pneumoniae infection causing CADv
Talk by Dr. Jaideep Dogra on how stress causes disease and how we can prevent it
Health talk by Dr Jaideep Dogra on Diabetes telecast on DD Rajasthan
A health talk on basics of Diabetes by Dr Jaideep Dogra on DD Rajasthan
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As Corona virus pandemic resulted in nation-wide lock-down for almost 20 days now… am sharing disease similarity with a jungle fire and what should be the approach and why….to beat this global disaster… Stay indoor stay safe…Please
As we collectively try to fight the Covid 19 pandemic and we know the impending scarcity of Personal Protection Equipment I wish to share with you a simple, convenient and effective tool to keep as safe. CAUTION: Plastic parts/ sheet may be a choking hazard. please use under adult supervision only.

Why Corona becomes deadly in approx 15%? Is dormant Chlamydia pneumoniae responsible?
Post-mortem studies revealed pulmonary artery thrombosis leading to scarcity of blood to the lungs. This video will provide newer insights to prevent these patients from get critically ill.

DDK (Raj) telecast talk on Covid-19 explained in comprehensive manner by Dr Jaideep Dogra Principal CMO, CGHS Jaipur on 21-08-2020.

Radio talk by Dr Luvdeep Dogra, DM (Nephrology) – “Kidney Disease in Diabetes” on FM Pink City 100.3

In this video Dr Luvdeep Dogra, Consultant Nephrologist, Jaipur, S/o Dr. Jaideep Dogra intends to brief the viewers in lucid language about kidney disease in Diabetes Mellitus, early symptoms of kidney disease and its possible prevention.